Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's Worse Than I Thought.

Well, the accountability of New Year resolutions obviously isn't enough for me in terms of commitment. So, lets give it another go and I guess we'll see along the way if I'm motivated enough to not just write in my notebook but to put my fingers to the keys and let em' rip! 

A lot of things have changed since last I wrote starting with my last name. I definitely moved up in the alphabet! Lucky for my kids, they'll get to have recess on picture day. It's been a little over a year now since this adventure began and I quickly learned that my life with Chris will never be dull! If anyone is looking for a way to grow as a person, I mean really grow.. get married. Holy smokes.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

So Apparently..

I am a terrible blogger. Awful even.

4 posts in almost a year- just dreadful.

However, I have not given up hope. I've decided that one of my New Year's Resolution's is to spend more time on here. I mean, how hard could it be to share more than 4 posts filled with just a portion of some of the things that make me, me? Totally do-able.

So here's to more blog posts.


Monday, September 20, 2010

My Sweet Nashville

A lifetime of wanting to meet you and now that I have, I will never be the same. Growing up with country music and watching old westerns with my grandpa, a part of me somehow believed that by connecting with this city I would somehow magically connect with him again. My expectations were far surpassed and I was pleasantly surprised that he wasn't the only connection my heart felt. Dreams, hopes, love, God- my cup overflowed and I am eternally grateful. Nashville, you have a sweet spot in my heart forever.

Because I could go on and on, here are some pictures :)

Graceland was absolutely surreal. It seemed that a day there just wasn't enough time.

Possibly thee most incredible feeling in the world and without a doubt, the most incredible experience during my time here. Playing Elvis's piano at Studio B. This was his favorite studio in Nashville and he recorded 264 of his songs here! My heart was pounding out of my chest- I physically couldn't breathe when I sat down- it was so unexpectedly emotional for me. I will never ever forget this moment and how it felt running my fingers along the keys of the piano where Elvis recorded some of the greatest songs of all time.

While I was here at the studio I thought about my grandpa so much. It still has all of the original recording equipment! There was just so much history here and I felt it with each step I took. Some of his favorite artists like Waylon Jennings and Roy Orbison spent a lot of time here recording. Ahh.. such bliss.

At the Grand Ole Opry! After each experience it was like, "Oh this trip can't get any better, it just can't!" And then it would...

It was just THAT good.

Thank you Jesus.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blog meet Tulah. Tulah meet Blog.

Meet Tulah.. in puppy form. Yea, I know she resembles the likes of guinea pigs and gerbils , but trust me I watched her come into this world and she is most definitely a dog. It took me a little while to accept the fact that she was mine. Not because I didn't want her and not because I didn't love her. It was the situation in which the "allowance" of her came to be that was difficult for me. I named her after my favorite otter at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The most important thing that I wanted to share is how unbelievably happy she makes me. She drives me nuts most of the time but I'm so thankful for her. Just looking at her makes me happy and when she loves on me it makes me feel... loved. And its awesome.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Soul Therapy

Is this...

What I feel when I look at this picture...

What my heart feels..

This "vacation" was the most liberating, heart fueling, good people-filled, fun, beautiful week and two days I've ever experienced. Last year, Manda and I went out to see our cousin Ness who is living in Kansas City, Missouri. It was February 13th- 22nd, 2009 and before we were even seated on the plane to leave, we were blessed with wonderful people who were gracious enough to offer- the captains offered! - to let us sit up in front of the plane for a bit and look around at all the cool thinga-ma-jiggies that they use to fly! Ness didn't know that I was also coming and as she was loading Manda's luggage, I came running out of the airport yelling, "Wait for me!!" She screamed, ran to me and started crying. Our time was full of freezer weather, layers, fake accents and laughing so hard our stomachs hurt, hot chocolate, music, scripture, antique shops, friends, games, God, Ness, the prayer room, roommates, hikes, the park of fountains, Noah, the Kansas City Police Station (long story haha), hand and foot, cooking, the art museum, Kansas, fellowship, musicians, the Bronx, breakfast with friends and so much more. Seeing this picture makes me feel what I felt when I was there and what I still feel now. It reminds me of the mark that Kansas City has left on my heart forever and the good friends that God has blessed me with.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Its About Time

I've been wanting to start this for quite a while now. Itching even. Reason being.. well, there are a number of reasons. For one, I enjoy writing, journaling, things of that nature. I have sticky notes all over the place of random thoughts that insist on being recorded. I wasn't blessed with a sponge for a brain, so over the years it's become almost a habit of mine- if I want to remember something important, writing it down is a must. It's therapeutic to me; a way for me to sort out what's going on in my head and especially in my heart because let's be honest, it gets messy in there sometimes. It's a way for my soul to write out reflections and observations on what I'm walking through, to share what God's teaching me, to fill in and connect.

My hope is that this becomes an outlet of sorts- one of many. A way to relieve my soul and fuel my heart some and in doing so, maybe even encourage.

So here I am. It's about time.

I believe this is the beginning of something beautiful.